High-End FPGAs, Purpose Built Hardware, Advanced Mining Software

High-End FPGAs

SQRL Hardware utilizes cutting edge silicon inside.


Hardware can adapt to work with new coins and a wide range of algorithm changes.

Mining Software

FPGA Mining is the most advanced multi-algorithm mining one can do, and it’s both efficient and scalable!

About SQRL

Squirrels Research Labs (SQRL) is a sister company of Squirrels LLC. SQRL focuses on hardware development and research projects that contribute to the overall success of the Squirrels brand.

SQRL is building the next generation of cryptocurrency mining hardware. Think mega hash rate, high performance and low power. By using a different approach to mining using FPGA-based hardware, we’re able to make existing GPU-based mining rigs competitive against ASIC alternatives.

In addition to accelerating existing GPU systems, SQRL is developing standalone FPGA-based hardware that, unlike ASIC hardware, is resistant to algorithm changes. Current production includes the Acorn cryptocurrency accelerator, and future devices are already in development.