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Acorn Getting Started

Step 1. Install your Acorns in a Nest or available M.2 slot

Step 2. Download Your Drivers

SQRLDrivers.msi for Windows
2019/09/19 for Linux

Step 3. Install Drivers

Windows: Double click MSI and follow prompts
Linux: Extract tgz - chmod +x - sudo ./

Nest Getting Started

Step 1. Install your Acorns, or any other M.2 m-key SSD or adapter you wish to use with nest using the included M.2 screws.

Step 2. Optionally, connect a micro-usb cable to your nest for advanced power and performance monitoring and plug the other end into an available port on your PC.

Step 3. Install your Nest in an available PCie slot (PCIe 3.0, x8 or better recommended for best performance).

Step 4. Nest X4 only - Optionally connect a PCIe 6 pin AUX connector the your Nest X4.

Do not power the Nest X4 from a 12v supply that is different than your PCIe slot supply.
Do not power the Nest X4 via PCie AUX without installing Nest X4 in a PCIe slot.